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let all my creation perish                   

 If I don't get hurt in your sufferings
If in human atrocities
And genocide I don't get stirred up
Then let all my creation perish here.
If through the touch of your heart's fire
And creation                                            
Rain does not fall
From my poetry
Then let all my creation perish here.
lf I fail to laugh
If the light of the night
Doesn't wake up from me within
And I fail to draw pictures
Mixing with serenity of dawn
Then let all my creation perish here
If  I fail t0 bow down before the feet of the green
if my lips do not tremble seeing the smiles of a naive
if while breaking myself
Words stay suppressed in incensement
Then let all my creation perish here.

                         Is god there?

Does God or the Almighty exist? No. Stay unworried
Carry on with your evil works.
Yes but
(God is present in custom, justice, destructive notion, weakness, guilty
You have trampled people piercing history
Again, you say God is Present?
You all have turned women into harlots,
'Taught men to call by hypocritical names
He is red, he is black, he is white....
'Today men have turned into ingredients’ of cadre and voting machine'
Will you say again God is Present?
You all have turned human values into merchandise in your final
Poured men's blood into the light of big cities and palaces
Still today people are being crucified in deep suffering, looted and
Still now will you say God is present?
             Life today
Even today life, biogenetics means
Marketing of juice
Packed in an of envelope love.
Here  democracy ,independence means
Oratory of vote demon
Electing the greatest poison
Here sky rneans boundary of land
trembling of a flag.
Here peace and equality means
Procreation of advertised power.